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Dragon Slayer Studios

       Film Making, Music, and Publishing with Passion and Purpose


Dragons - and their arch nemeses, Dragon Slayers - echo over centuries of lore and legend. Dragons transcend folklore; one of the very titles of Lucifer is "The Dragon." Dragons embody a vile tapestry of evil. Dragon Slayers embody a passion for justice; they are heroes who fight against all odds, in the saga where light conquers darkness, good conquers evil…where the dragon is slain…often at great cost and sacrifice. 


Sadly, the shadow of the Dragon - emanating from many book and music publishing companies and movie studios - has perverted storytelling. Good is called evil, evil is called good; darkness is put forward as light; bitter is put forward as sweet; and sadly...the dragon is often portrayed as good - or worse – as the hero.


During the credits of The Sound of Freedom, Jim Caviezel said, "The storyteller is the world's most powerful person." We know that upright storytellers can shape hearts, inspire courage, and even spark righteous revolutions against evil. Wicked storytellers can have the exact opposite effect.


Dragon Slayer Studios was created to "make war on the dragon" by telling stories of valor and justice, truth and beauty, as defined by our Maker. Guided by this purpose, every current and future creation that bears our name - whether in wholesome “family friendly” films, music, and books, or in productions aimed at a mature audience – we will strike at Dragons on any battlefield we so choose.


To reclaim our culture for righteousness and justice, a new generation of storytellers and culture warriors must arise who have an unyielding passion for truth and justice. We must again embrace the fact that evil exists, and that Dragons symbolize the embodiment of evil that must be fought, and defeated.


Embrace this mission and help us raise up storytellers and Dragon Slayers.

You will soon be able to submit your creations to Dragon Slayer Studios for possible publication or production.

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