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Divine Correction: How God Gets a Nation's Attention is a comprehensive study of the chastisements God brings on individuals, families, clans and nations in this world, in this life.


The primary focus is on nations and the sins committed in those nations, often with the approval, and even promotion of their governments.


Sacred Scriptures, as well as the teachings of the historic Church, demonstrate why nations come under divine correction — i.e., because their "sins cry to God for vengeance." Sacred Scriptures also explain the means God uses to bring correction to nations. These divine corrections are threatened in the Sacred Scriptures, recorded throughout the Sacred Scriptures, and attested to the annals of human history since the Scriptures were canonized.


The sufferings and convulsions that nations have endured throughout history were often the chastening of God, used to call nations to repentance and back to Himself.


Divine Correction is a comprehensive study on how God has judges nations in the Sacred Scriptures and the reality of that aspect of God for us today. This is a must read for every Christian to understand as a people why we are going through what we are going through.

Divine Correction

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